Our Cobham Explorer 3075 flyaway antenna has “explorer” in the name for a reason – it can help you broadcast from anywhere.

Last week we worked with Timeline Television to help ITV’s This Morning broadcast Josie Gibson climbing five UK peaks in five days.

The technology behind this kind of event must meet some rather demanding needs for remote productions occurring in unpredictable, ever-changing and often inhospitable environments. It needs to be rugged but still easily portable, dependable and easy to set up quickly, and work where there is no cellular coverage.

Our small but mighty Cobham Explorer 3075 flyaway antenna is the perfect choice for such a difficult task. Not only is it rugged, but it is lightweight and ready to deploy in 5 minutes.

For the Five Peaks in Five Days challenge, our Cobham 3075 was paired up with our rugged modem that runs off #camera batteries, making it highly portable and able to endure whatever the team might have found when it reached the top! Yesterday,

We may not be able to move mountains, but we can certainly help you to broadcast from the top of them!