LaLiga and Mediapro test our solution to capture pitch-side coverage.

Enhancing the viewer experience has become particularly important during the pandemic when fans of elite sports teams can’t be at the stadium. Taking the lead in ensuring fans are getting as close as possible to a live, on-site feeling is LaLiga, Spain’s top professional football division.

LaLiga is currently working with Mediapro to test our Sapphire TX on a state-of-the-art Sony Electronics Venice 4K Cinema Camera to capture coverage from the pitchside. The system testing worked great (as we fully expected) in 12G (4K SDI), and can help to give fans the sensation they are in the stands or only a few metres from the players on the field — and all in ultra-realistic quality.

“At LaLiga, we are constantly researching cutting-edge innovations and technological solutions that allow us to offer the best audiovisual product. To this end, we will continue developing and fine-tuning this new system to enhance the visual experience for our fans,” said Melcior Soler, Director of LaLiga’s Audiovisual Department.

Òscar Lago, responsible for LaLiga match production at MEDIAPRO, added: “We are committed to providing solutions that enhance our broadcasting quality and develop a product that is more visually appealing for LaLiga fans.”