PRESS RELEASE: Broadcast Wireless Systems (BWS) and DTC Domo Broadcast have joined forces to operate under the new brand name Domo Broadcast Systems. The organisation’s new name and logo emphasize its collaboration and will enhance its leadership in innovation and growth ambitions in the broadcast industry.

This new name and branding follow on the acquisition of Broadcast Wireless Systems on 1 December 2021 by Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Codan Limited. The name — Domo Broadcast Systems — combines elements from the names of both former organisations. The tagline, “For the moments that matter” reflects a commitment to providing superior quality in goods, services and support to in turn help broadcast customers provide the content that matters to their viewers.

This combined entity will significantly benefit its extensive base of customers by providing them with access to a broader product range, enhanced development of bespoke solutions, and a greater level of support through its global presence.

“The engineering and sales teams from both entities remain with Domo Broadcast Systems,” says Mike Budge, at the helm as Chief Executive Officer. “As a result, customer service — our first priority — and innovation will remain at exceptional levels, with support continuing through existing contacts.

“During the pandemic, we worked tirelessly to find innovative ways to make our customers’ transmissions possible, whilst maintaining the same levels of customer support and focus we are renowned for. These successful innovations are forming the building blocks for the development of further cutting-edge technologies.”

BWS and DTC Domo Broadcast are a natural fit due to their complimentary technologies:

  • Broadcast Wireless Systems has been the broadcast industry’s go-to provider of specialist and bespoke broadcast-quality video/audio, via wireless microwave, satellite, or fibre links designed to meet the most-demanding applications, including on-board transmission from sports cars or transcontinental remote production. Their Sapphire family of encoders and decoders are the choice of leading broadcasters around the world who are seeking ultra-reliable, high-quality, ultra-low latency method of transmitting broadcast-quality video. And their new Onyx line is set to be a game-changer for the industry, taking latency to the lowest levels yet.
  • DTC Domo Broadcast has been a world-class supplier of wireless links globally and a leader in the MPEG4 wireless technology revolution. They offer high-quality, DVB-T low-delay broadcast transmitter/receiver systems and IP solutions designed specifically for electronic newsgathering, outside broadcast, satellite newsgathering, motor and extreme sports coverage, portable field monitoring and video assist applications.

“Since the acquisition, the teams have been working closely to share their knowledge and expertise with each other,” says Paul Sangster, President and Executive General Manager, of parent company Codan Tactical Communications. “Combined as Domo Broadcast Systems, they gain considerable resources, investment capability and market reach to enable the combined entity to find new ways to innovate to advance the broadcast industry, realise full market potential and increase market share.”

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