When the spotlight turned to Malmö, Sweden for the spectacle of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Domo Broadcast Systems was at the heart of the action helping capture every moment with stunning clarity. NEP Finland, a division of NEP Group, was tasked with delivering an unparalleled viewing experience for the millions of Eurovision fans around Europe and the world. Their choice? Domo Broadcast Systems’ award-winning Eclipse HEVC Camera-Back Transmitters.

The Eclipse is designed to meet the dynamic demands of modern broadcasting environments. Featuring Domo’s industry-leading ‘single-frame latency’ HEVC H.265 encoding technology in a compact, fully functional package, NEP Finland deployed the Eclipse HEVC transmitter on four Steadicams and three handheld cameras, offering unmatched video quality and reliability. NEP Finland’s choice of the Eclipse underscores their commitment to excellence and innovation in live production.

The Eclipse HEVC Camera-back transmitter repeatedly demonstrates its ability to deliver high-efficiency video encoding and pristine image quality, even in the most bandwidth-constrained environments. This was particularly crucial for Eurovision 2024, where every emotion and every vibrant color needed to be captured in the highest fidelity.

The result was a seamless blend of technology and artistry that bridged the gap between the stage and viewers at home.

“All of us at Domo are excited to have played a role in bringing the spectacle of Eurovision 2024 to life,” says Helen Brown, Domo’s Head of Broadcast Customer Services & Support. “We’re proud of the contribution our Eclipse technology played in ensuring that every note, every performance, and every moment was delivered to audiences with the clarity and vibrancy demanded.

“We are honored to have supported NEP Finland in their broadcast of Eurovision 2024 in this way, and we look forward to continuing to bring the world closer together through the power of shared visual experiences.”

For more information on how Domo Broadcast Systems can revolutionise your live event coverage, take a look at the Eclipse info page or contact our team of experts.

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