B150 – Ultra Low Latency Decoder with full IP streaming and St2110 support

B150 is a broadcast-quality HEVC codec module. The B150 can be configured as either encoder or decoder, but not both. The B150 is ideal for integration into broadcast systems such as wireless cameras, studio to transmitter links, satellite modems and ENG vehicles.

Offered initially as a drop-in decoder replacement for the B110 decoder module, end-to-end latency is reduced to typically 35ms in HD and 39ms in UHD.

Latency is critical in many applications and the B150 decoder is built to minimise latency when paired with a B110 encoder making this combination a solution suitable for all live events.

This new platform aims to be future proof in terms for video connectivity by supporting both coaxial 12G-SDI interface and high data rate video over IP standards such as ST 2110. Combined with increased IP processing capabilities aiming to provide robust streaming whether low bitrate over public internet, or high bitrate redundant paths.

The compact, design is easy to integrate, offering a low-risk route to market for customers.