IRFCCU Integrated Fibre Receiver and Camera Control Unit

The IRFCCU is a 4 -way diversity COFDM receiver and camera control unit in a single 2U 19" chassis. The IRFCCU can operate with two remote fibre heads over SMPTE fibre.

Each remote fibre head incorporates diversity receive antennas and reverse camera control transmitter. The use of SMPTE fibre allows each of the heads to be positioned up to 1km remote from the receiver.

The system is typically used with integrated wireless camera transmitters as shown (see separate data sheets), Domo Broadcast has integrated solutions for Grass Valley, Sony and Hitachi cameras.

The IRFCCU combines a 4-way diversity COFDM receiver and Domo Broadcasts' Sapphire Ultra-Low Latency HEVC decoder, offering end-to-end latency of less than 40mS, which makes it ideal for live action scenarios. Operators requiring legacy support for H.264 decoding can add this via an optional licence. Four-way Maximum Ratio Combining diversity inputs ensure reception in the most difficult RF environments, The RF inputs are looped allowing multiple base units to be stacked in multi-camera environments.

The Ultra-Low Latency H.265 decoder supports resolutions up to 4K in 10 bit 4:2:2 format, and with full support for HDR reinsertion, video interfaces are 12G capable. A monitoring port can be provided on SFP which can be down sampled to HD in the case of a 4K signal. The IRFCCU incorporates a comprehensive internal camera controller, supporting all major camera suppliers and camera features, including a multi-zone solution allowing cameras to move between coverage zones.

The remote fibre heads are designed for outdoor mounting. They are equipped with two NType antenna inputs, and an SMA output for UHF camera control. The antenna inputs are available in all major broadcast bands to 7GHz. The remote fibre heads can be powered over the SMPTE cable or locally with 12V inputs.