Rugged Modem

A ruggedized, weatherproof satellite modem with integral WiFi router and using industry-standard connectors suitable for broadcast and government use.

BIPS manufactures a range of modems designed specifically to work with the latest Ka-Band IP-over-Satellite systems.

The Alternative

Standard modems for these systems are for indoor use only, have domestic connectors and are designed for permanent installation in a dry, temperature controlled environment.

Connection to the antenna is via 2x co-axial cables. These are bulky to carry, have limited length and can be difficult to rig safely. They are also hard to procure locally, should a failure occur on a foreign assignment.

Many systems also require the user to input RF cable loss each time the system is deployed, making the system difficult to use by non-technical personnel.

Domestic modems typically require mains power or 30VDC – often difficult to find in a breaking news situation. 12VDC is usually available from a vehicle or camera crew batteries.

The Solution

Mounting the modem on the antenna offers the following advantages:

Cross-site cable is a single standard CAT5 ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors – available from any computer outlet.

Single co-axial cable to the antenna, cable lengths are minimised and constant length.

The modem (+ batteries) provides additional ballast to the antenna, maintaining performance during high winds.