Sapphire-BTX Camera Back Transmitter

The Sapphire-BTX camera-back transmitter, integrates a true 4K HEVC encoder with a COFDM modulator, creating a single, compact package suitable for camera-back mounting.

The Sapphire-BTX is equipped with a single video input capable of 3G HD-SDI, 6G and 12G thus allowing video formats to UHD.

Back-to-back V Lock or Anton Bauer battery plates facilitate pass-through power, whilst an additional external power connector is provided at the base. Analogue stereo audio inputs are supported as well as camera control and Tally interfaces. An ASI transport stream interface is provided to facilitate easy connection to other modulation systems..

Sapphire-BTX is equipped with a high-quality, low-latency H.265 (H.264 is also available) encoder capable of UHD and HD formats in 10bit 4:2:2 with automatic HDR support.

Up to 8 stereo pairs of audio in either MPEG-1 layer 1 or PCM format (4 stereo pairs in AAC-LC) can be extracted and encoded by the Sapphire-BTX whilst analogue audio inputs with power are included for direct microphone connection.

Camera control and transmitter settings are accessible through a single colour panel on the side or using the web browser interface.

Bi-directional camera control is a hardware option in the Sapphire-BTX.