Sapphire-RPM is a HEVC encoder specifically designed for motorsport and mobile applications. The Sapphire-RPM offers ultra low latency HEVC encoding up to 4K resolution, or can synchronise and encode images from four separate HD cameras simultaneously.

As well as live encoding, the Sapphire-RPM records to solid-state medium and offers real time over-air playback. All these features packed into a compact, rugged chassis make the Sapphire-RPM the ideal choice for operators not wanting to miss a moment of the action.

Containing a 4K HEVC encoder the Sapphire-RPM offers exceptional compression ratios on video resolutions up to 4K UHD. The Sapphire Codec system compresses a single 4K UHD input or up to 4 HD inputs in one unit. This allows multiple camera angles, such as Front, Rear, Driver and Instruments, to be transmitted simultaneously or individually with a seamless switching mechanism built in.

Recording employs a USB mass storage device and recording times of 12 hours are typical. Users can initiate over air playback of pre-recorded material enabling exiting scenes that may have been missed live to be recalled instantly. HEVC compression offers significant bitrate savings over traditional H.264 solutions, this saves broadcasters money on storage and contribution bandwidth. HEVC also supports the new 4K UHD formats required for contribution. The additional efficiency of HEVC makes wireless transmission of 4K possible. Broadcasters need a simple and reliable HEVC codec to move their contribution systems forward, the Sapphire Codec from DBS is the ideal solution. Latency is critical in many broadcast applications and the Sapphire Codec is built to minimise latency without compromising quality. The 60mS end to end latency (70ms in 4K) makes the Sapphire solution suitable for all live events,

The Sapphire Codec system compresses a single 4K UHD input or up to 4 HD inputs in one unit. Each input can support 2 stereo pairs of embedded audio. Compressed streams are available as IP or on DVB_ASI for connection to transmission equipment.