The world is clamouring for live events, but Covid-19 has meant a rethink of how this content can be transmitted. The solution is remote production.

We understand that many of you are trying hard to continue to provide needed live broadcast coverage during times when International travel is unavailable and domestic movement is being limited. We are here to help in any way we can.

As live sports events have proven they have the protocols in place to allow them to continue safely during the pandemic, many broadcasters are gearing up to air numerous elite events in 2021. We’re here to help you provide the technology solutions and upgrades you’ll need to do so, whether to improve video quality or make more-efficient use of bandwidth.

For broadcasters, the proper remote production setup can result in significant costs savings and a more efficient use of staff, equipment and on-site studio resources. Our team has a wealth of expertise in planning and delivering complex events and projects. Our engineers can plan and deliver your next sports event.

We are the experts at helping you do more with less whilst maintaining exceptional quality. So, whether you need wireless, transmitters, receivers, cameras or links, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us for the solutions you need to make set up easier, more flexible — and even safer.