Sapphire-MDR Decoder

Sapphire-MDR is a broadcast-quality H.265 decoder, in an MDR Rack-compatible format. The Sapphire-MDR occupies two slots in an MDR Rack and integrates with the MDR Rack control system. The Sapphire-MDR decodes HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 in resolutions up to 4K UHD.

Full control and monitoring of the Sapphire-MDR decoder is offered through the comprehensive web browser interface. Front-panel LEDs provide status indication for Power, ASI Lock, Decoder Lock, Genlock and Data. Similar status indication is available through the MDR Rack chassis monitoring system.

Sapphire-MDR is ultra-compact, and in QuadSync mode can deliver up to 4x decoded HD signal streams in a 2-rack slot package. Sapphire’s unique QuadSync mode encodes 4x non-synchronous HD signals of differing formats (frame-rate must be the same), and at the decode side outputs them converted to a single production format and fully synchronised.

QuadSync mode is the ideal format for any multi-camera application, such as motor sport, yachting and air-craft applications, requiring minimum cost, space and equipment.

To ensure backwards-compatibility, legacy compression systems such as H.264 and MPEG2 are also supported. Streams can be inputted via the ASI or IP interfaces.

Genlock input is provided for syncing to studio signals, as well as two stereo pairs of analogue audio. Serial RS 232 Private user interfaces can be employed to carry telemetry data, and the Sapphire-MDR supports decoding of DBS and Vislink formats.