Wireless adapter – Sony InCam

Sony HDC cameras (HDC-5500,HDC-3500 and HDC-3500H) can be made wireless using the DBS Sony wireless adaptor. This side panel integrates a True 4K HEVC encoder with a COFDM modulator and return camera control into a drop down panel mounted on the side of the camera.

Panel fitting is a specialist function and requires technician access to the camera. Power is provided to the camera through V Lock or Anton Bauer battery plates whilst an additional external power connector is provided at the base.

Control is achieved through a LCD screen inside the panel or via RJ45 ethernet connection. The wireless Sony adaptor is equipped with a high quality, low- latency H.265 (H.264 is also available) encoder capable of UHD and HD formats in 10bit 4:2:2 with automatic HDR support.