Wireless adapter – Grass Valley InCam

Wireless adaptor for Grass Valley LDX cameras

Grass Valley LDX cameras can be made wireless using the DBS Grass Valley wireless adaptor. This screw-on back integrates a True 4K HEVC encoder with a COFDM modulator and return camera control into screw-on camera back. Power is provided to the camera through V Lock or Anton Bauer battery plates, whilst an additional external power connector is provided at the base. Analogue stereo audio inputs are supported as well as camera control and Tally interfaces. Control is achieved through a miniature LCD screen on the rear or via RJ45 ethernet connection.

The wireless Grass Valley adaptor is equipped with a high-quality, low-latency H.265 encoder (H.264 is also available) capable of UHD and HD formats in 10bit 4:2:2 with automatic HDR support. Audio can be input from the rear as analogue audio or de-embedded from the camera stream, and can be encoded as linear PCM, MPEG 1 or AAC. The built-in COFDM modulator has 100mW of power and is available in a full range of frequency bands. Microphone power is supported on the analogue inputs.

Camera control and functionality are accessible through a single LCD control panel on base or using the web browser interface. Camera control is either uni- or bi-directional, and supports a full range of camera and tally functions.