Wave Central joins the Domo Broadcast family

We at Domo Broadcast are incredibly excited to have Wave Central join our family of broadcast industry experts. This acquisition further expands our portfolio of products available worldwide whilst further enhancing  Domo Broadcast’s presence in North America.

Who are Wave Central?
Wave Central is a leading North American systems integrator of wireless broadcast equipment and creates industry-specific products that are integrated with Domo Broadcast System’s technology for sports, cinema and broadcast applications. Wave Central’s product portfolio consists primarily of wireless video camera links and high-quality broadcast products using core Domo Broadcast technology. They have been Domo’s primary distribution channel into the North American market for 15 years.

What does this mean for me as a customer?
After building a dominant presence in the European broadcast technology market, Domo Broadcast System wanted to expand the availability and support of its industry-trusted products and services in North America. The Wave Central team have been our primary distributors in the US market for the last 15 years. Our investment in them demonstrates our commitment to providing strong support for our valued North American customers by giving them expanded access to the most up-to-date wireless and broadcast technology solutions available.

All of us at Domo Broadcast and Wave Central are committed to ensuring you do business with us in the same way you always have, and you can continue to count on your same team for support whenever you need them. The Wave Central team is still made up of its founders and the rest of their high-calibre staff. The way you communicate with us, who you communicate with, and how you communicate with them aren’t changing either. The Wave Central team continue to operate out of their current offices, and their email addresses, website (www.wavecentralrf.com), and phone numbers remain the same.

Who should I contact if I have any additional questions about this acquisition?
Please contact Domo Broadcast Systems at info@domobroadcast.com or Wave Central at sales@wavecentralrf.com.